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Two Dimensions

User: ank10111
Two Dimensions
Two Dimensions is a book about a girl who is straddling between two dimensions.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Dimension Series"
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Two Dimensions
Beiträge und Kommentare
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This story was heart wrenching and lovely. There are a few typos though that you might want to remove but apart from that great job on this plot. I hope that there's more soon.

Wichtiger Beitrag
Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

hey, great story idea, but you may want to spend a little more time with it, don't cram it all down our throats in a few paragraphs. maybe instead of having her aware that she's in two dimensions at once, have her 'teleported there'. when she comes back to this dimension, it's as if no time has passed at all for the people around her. same in the other dimension. feel free to message me and get a dialogue started, i'd love to... mehr anzeigen

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