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Never Going to Fall, If I Already Did

User: bambi42
Never Going to Fall, If I Already Did
Izzy Valentino just got back from Florida. Back to her Brother, Colt, and all the other things she misses like soccer. Although, making a bet and winning, her life was good. Well, then there is Tyson. One of her brother's best friends who plays football and annoys Izzy to death. In a way, they can get along and other times not so much.

One thing leads to another and Izzy finds herself in a huge mess.

Falling for someone she shouldn't have made her life more difficult then it already was.

Humor, High school, Soccer, Football, Teen
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Please tell me when you are going to update this book or java updated it , I really enjoyed it so far

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tell me when YOU UPDATE!!!! :D <3

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Okay. I will. C:

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