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Pixie Dust

User: amaratsu
Pixie Dust
She had always believed in dreams, wishes, and pixie dust. Her life was void of it, to her disappointment.

Fairies, Pixie Dust, Wishes, Schizophrenia
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James Gerard

Wow! What a powerful story. For those of us who have lived a nightmare as a child this touches deep. Yes, there are monsters in the world--just look around you. Wonderful story telling.

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omg best book ever its so sad too but this is a book all schools should have because we just had a presintashon about this and this book is amazing and acuret

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I absolutely love the cover of your book is so whimsical. As I have said a few times to people try putting your dialogue away from the text to make it easier to read. Looking forward to reading more! Great beginning ~Faith

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A young woman holding to her fairy tales in escape of the reality of her life is a storyline that should grab many readers. The author clearly has a wonderful style of describing this dream world but sometimes the juxtaposition with her real life is rough. That can easily lead to confusion on the part of the reader. I don’t mean the life itself ('rough' would be an understatement), but here I mean the writing transitions. The... mehr anzeigen

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the second-to-last chapter was really confusing, because i didn't know who was who or anything...

either way i liked the story of Faylinn.

Did you come up with her name because FAiries are also known as "Fay"?

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I reread it, and I take back that part about it being confusing. I love this story. It's deep and focuses on thoughts and feelings more than what's going on in the world. It's beautiful, but also quite sad. Great job!

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Wow! Really well written with beautiful imagery :) Very enjoyable to read with great descriptions and dialogues. I take my hat off to you. Chapeau! :)

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I enjoyed your story I am interested in where you are going. I have also written about fairies, love the fantasy. Serena

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