The Champion Inside

The Story of a Young Rider’s Pursuit of Her Dreams and Her Belief in the Horse She Loved Von:
User: alyxandra
The Champion Inside
The Champion Inside is the inspiring true story of Alyxandra Swanhall and her Thoroughbred gelding, Alchemist’s Gold. Brought together by an unexpected tragedy, the backyard rider and the inexperienced horse faced numerous challenges as they sought success in the show ring. With the help of her mother and a family friend, Alyx worked diligently to transform her horse into a competitive equitation mount even when those around her expressed their doubts about his talent and abilities. Theirs is a story about following your dreams, striving to achieve your goals, and never giving up no matter how insurmountable the odds.

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No comments? I'm glad to be the first. Let me say now, I think if you entered this into the 'Family Stories' contest and networked your * off, (by which I unfortunately mean messaging, messaging, messaging, requesting, requesting, requesting, with a fair amount of commenting on others...!) you could, for another time, make the finals. This is a very compact, beautiful piece of writing. It flows well, intruigues, inspires and... mehr anzeigen

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