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the gun of mayham

horror Von:
the gun of mayham
the gun of mayham is powerful.this person jason found it. he almost killed someone and he became evilhe killed 50. people he had became so evil he shoot himself the cops came and he killed all 12 cops.he forced people to kill themself in sted he killed him self and his friend kim jackson. 3 people found it he said that in his gohst body he will put people in there gohst body in hell. but then he went into the light and he went to hell and never returned back.he reaturned in his devil body this girl and boy called mayson and jennie found his sword mayson tuched it and he turn into a awsome demin and he became in sted dante the demin he killed jason. jason and mayson were brother they dreamd to kill each other mayson killed jason. he had 1 more live. they fighted as arch enemies mayson won the battle. then mayson died with jason.

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