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A New Leaf

User: Alora_7
A New Leaf

When Kade Donovan, 20, finds out about his father's terminal illness, he strays from God.. When things take the worst turn, he turns his back on God completely.

When his younger brother, Aleki Donovan , 16, tries to get him to come back to Christ, it backfires, so he enlists the help of Sage Paris, his Youth counselor and mentor.

When Sage Paris, a 19-year-old college student, devout Christian, Worship leader, youth counselor, hears of Aleki's brother, she prays that God gives her the words to speak.. But when she realizes just who Aleki's brother is, she knows it's going to be a challenge to even get through to him.

Can the two of them bring Kade back to Christ? Or is he too far gone in his grief-induced anger to turn back?

Will Kade be willing to turn A New Leaf?

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