Stephen A. Douglas A Study In american Politics

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Stephen A. Douglas        A Study In american Politics

The Dramatic Moments In The Colonizing Of Coastal New England Have
Passed Into Song, Story, And Sober Chronicle; But The Farther
Migration Of The English People, From Tide-Water To Interior, Has Been
Too Prosaic A Theme For Poets And Too Diverse A Movement For
Historians. Yet When All The Factors In Our National History Shall Be
Given Their Full Value, None Will Seem More Potent Than The Great
Racial Drift From The New England Frontier Into The Heart Of The
Continent. The New Englanders Who Formed A Broad Belt From Vermont And
New York Across The Northwest To Kansas, Were A Social And Political
Force Of Incalculable Power, In The Era Which Ended With The Civil
War. The New Englander Of The Middle West, However, Ceased To Be
Altogether A Yankee.

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