The Radio Boys At The Sending station (fiscle part-IX)

User: silviya
The   Radio Boys At The   Sending station (fiscle part-IX)

"Isn'T It A Grand And Glorious Feeling?" Exclaimed bob Layton, A Tall
Stalwart Lad Of Fifteen, As He Stretched himself Out Luxuriously On The
Warm Sands Of The Beach At Ocean Point And Pulled his Cap A Little Further
Over His Eyes To Keep Out The Rays Of The Sun.

"I'Ll Tell The World It Is," Agreed joe Atwood, His Special Chum, As He
Burrowed lazily Into The Hollow He Had Scooped out For Himself. "You Don'T
Have To Put Up Any Argument To Prove It, Bob. I Admit It From The Start."

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