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Fred fenton On The Track (fiscle part- 9 )

User: silviya
Fred fenton On The   Track (fiscle part- 9 )

"I See You'Re Limping again, Fred."

"That'S Right, Bristles. I Stubbed my Toe At The Very Start Of This
Cross-Country Run, And That Lost Me All Chance Of Coming in ahead.
That'S Why I Fell Back, And Have Been Loafing for A Stretch."

"And Let Me Catch Up With You; Eh? Well, I Reckon Long-Legged colon Will
Have A Cinch In this Race, Fred."

"Seems That Way. He Can Get Over Ground For A Certain Time Like A Deer,
You Know."

"Huh! More Like A Kangaroo, I Call It; Because It Always Seems To Me He
Takes Big Jumps Every Chance He Gets."

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