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MilkyMay Mooberry's Amazing Adventures

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MilkyMay Mooberry's Amazing Adventures

MilkyMay and Karla Kang-Fu are best friends and neighbors in the little town of Berrytonville. They are your average everyday housewives, until one day a seemingly routine trip to the market changed their lives forever. They hear about a bank robbery in progress on the police scanner in MilkyMay's Car and decide to go check it out. This leads them into a car chase, some death defying acrobatics, Karla uses her signature 'chicken wholloper' move during a fast paced Kang-Fu match against a very fluffy Quail, and they all get into a real "sticky situation.  

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Alikzandria James

A lot has happened in the last 3 years but I am back now and hope to add new literary works. I am updating my children's book to include the entire manuscript so have a read when it's loaded!!

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this was soooo cute i loved reading it to my daughter even more so cause our family is so animated!!

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