Manual Of Surgery (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)

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Manual Of   Surgery (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)

A Contusion Or Bruise Is A Laceration Of The Subcutaneous Soft Tissues,
Without Solution Of Continuity Of The Skin. When The Integument Gives
Way At The Same Time, A _Contused-Wound_ Results. Bruising Occurs When
Force Is Applied To A Part By Means Of A Blunt Object, Whether As A
Direct Blow, A Crush, Or A Grazing Form Of Violence. If The Force Acts
At Right Angles To The Part, It Tends To Produce Localised Lesions Which
Extend Deeply; While, If It Acts Obliquely, It Gives Rise To Lesions
Which Are More Diffuse, But Comparatively Superficial. It Is Well To
Remember That Those Who Suffer From Scurvy, Or Hæmophilia (Bleeders),
And Fat And Anæmic Females, Are Liable To Be Bruised By Comparatively
Trivial Injuries.

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