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A present for Ericka

When there is hope, there is joy Von:
User: nakkita
A present for Ericka
Enjoy, this book is very special and everyone could learn from it. It is all about pain, real life and hope. People should be treated fairly. This book shows that.

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You have written a good short story with a moral. At some time all of us feel as Erika. All we need is a kind word and support. Your writing shows you worked hard to give your best. Good job. Robynn

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We have all been there and I can definitely empathize with this story. When I was thirteen, I was teased about my nose, which made life at school unbearable. The good thing is -- everything changed when I got into high school. You have written a very good story, here, and apart from a few typos, it is very impressive.

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I really enjoyed this. As someone who was "the awkward kid with the glasses" as a child, I can totally relate to Erica. You write very well for someone your age- there's a few mistakes but overall the story is descriptive and poignant. I'm impressed. :)

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