Masala Moon

Monica’s Assigment in India Von:
Masala  Moon

The East River is sprinkled with no fewer than ninety-five corpses and undercover agent Monica, known as the White Lady, is dispatched to Mumbai. Indiai's mesh of rivaling villains, who run red-light districts from New York to Sydney are flooding the illegal organ markets of the world with fresh goods, and Monica is determined to bring them to justice.


In Masala Moon, Monica still works for the international news agency called TROY I as she did in book one, ARAB NIGHTS. But, after her dangerous assignment in Tunisia, where she brushed shoulders with Islamic terror, she now centers on her spiritual side. If you read Arab Nights you’ll learn what tests Monica has needed to master in order to begin her new adventure, and you will understand that there is always more to a story, hidden behind the veil, than meets the eye at first sight.


Check out the first in the sequel, Arab Nights. Available here!


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Alexis Debary

The figure advances, throwing a broken shadow along the jagged edge of the narrow passageway as it comes closer. Monica musters the entrances to the shacks hopefully, but all of them are suddenly bolted and there is no way for her to turn. She tries to study the face of the man coming toward her without looking him directly in the eye, and sees him glaring back at her like an enraged bull, with flared nostrils. She... mehr anzeigen

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