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American Institutions And Their Influence (fiscle part-13 of 1)

User: silviya
American Institutions And Their Influence (fiscle part-13 of 1)

The Following Work Of M. De Tocqueville Has Attracted Great Attention
Throughout Europe, Where It Is Universally Regarded As A Sound,
Philosophical, Impartial, And Remarkably Clear And Distinct View Of Our
Political Institutions, And Of Our Manners, Opinions, And Habits, As
Influencing Or Influenced By Those Institutions. Writers, Reviewers, And
Statesmen Of All Parties, Have United In The Highest Commendations Of
Its Ability And Integrity. The People, Described By A Work Of Such A
Character, Should Not Be The Only One In Christendom Unacquainted With
Its Contents. At Least, So Thought Many Of Our Most Distinguished Men,
Who Have Urged The Publishers Of This Edition To Reprint The Work, And
Present It To The American Public. They Have Done So In The Hope Of
Promoting Among Their Countrymen A More Thorough Knowledge Of Their
Frames Of Government, And A More Just Appreciation Of The Great
Principles On Which They Are Founded.

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