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Yama (The Pit)

Yama (The Pit)
"With Us, You See," Kuprin Makes The Reporter Platonov, His
Mouthpiece, Say In yama, "They Write About Detectives, About
Lawyers, About Inspectors Of The Revenue, About Pedagogues, About
Attorneys, About The Police, About Officers, About Sensual Ladies,
About Engineers, About Baritones--And Really, By God, Altogether
Well--Cleverly, With Finesse And Talent. But, After All, All These
People Are Rubbish, And Their Life Is Not Life, But Some Sort Of
Conjured up, Spectral, Unnecessary Delirium Of World Culture. But
There Are Two Singular Realities--Ancient As Humanity Itself: The
Prostitute And The Moujik. And About Them We Know Nothing, Save
Some Tinsel, Gingerbread, Debauched depictions In literature..."

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