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Hadirs Book

One Thousand Wells Von:
Hadirs Book

Hadir's book is a beautifully written piece with a flawless delivery that has a classical swag reminiscent of epics like the Game of thrones, Legend of the seeker, Spartacus. It's pure fantasy with all the trappings thereof, the magical, the mystic, the mysterious where myth becomes reality in broad daylight. All these are well tampered and beautifully crafted so it is rendered believable. You find quotes like; "I am not a god nor do I claim to be a descendant of one, but I have made a vow to rid this land of all its enemies be they men or gods." Favorite moment, where he banishes the infamous deity Zulain; "No, no don't, you don't understand, out there there's nothing, there is no light, no sound, no air. There is no one." Pleaded the presumed god.

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alex, siff, fantasy
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