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Chronicles Of Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2

User: silviya
Chronicles Of   Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2
The Revengeful Feelings Which Had Been Engendered, By Inevitable
Circumstances, Towards The Moravian Indians, And Which Had Given Rise
To The Expedition Of 1781, Under Col. Williamson, Were Yet More Deeply
Radicated By Subsequent Events. On The Night After Their Liberation
From Fort Pitt, The Family Of A Mr. Monteur Were All Killed Or Taken
Captive; And The Outrage, Occurring So Immediately After They Were Set
At Liberty And In The Vicinity Of Where They Were, Was Very Generally
Attributed To Them. An Irruption Was Made Too, In The Fall Of 1781,
Into The Settlement On Buffalo Creek, And Some Murders Committed And
Prisoners Taken. One Of These, Escaping From Captivity And Returning
Soon After, Declared That The Party Committing The Aggression, Was
Headed By A Moravian Warrior.

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