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Chronicles Of Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2

User: silviya
Chronicles Of  Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2
Upon The Close Of The Campaign Of 1774, There Succeeded A Short Period
Of Perfect Quiet, And Of Undisturbed Repose From Savage Invasion,
Along The Borders Of North Western Virginia. The Decisive Battle Of
The 10th Of October, Repressed Incursion For A Time, And Taught Those
Implacable Enemies Of Her Citizens, Their Utter Inability, Alone And
Unaided, To Maintain A Contest Of Arms, Against The Superior Power Of
Virginia. They Saw That In Any Future Conflict With This Colony, Her
Belligerent Operations Would No Longer Be Confined To The Mere
Purposes Of Defence; But That War Would Be Waged In Their Own Country,
And Their Own Towns Become The Theatre Of Its Action. Had The Leading
Objects Of The Dunmore Campaign Been Fully Accomplished,--Had The
Contemplated Junction Of The Different Divisions Of The Army Taken
Place;--Had Its Combined Forces Extended Their March Into The Indian
Territory, And Effected The Proposed Reduction Of The Chilicothe, And
Other Towns On The Scioto And Sandusky, It Would Have Been Long
Indeed, Before The Frontier Settlements, Became Exposed To Savage
Inroad. A Failure To Effect These Things However, Left The Indians
Comparatively At Liberty, And Prepared To Renew Invasion, And Revive
Their Cruel And Bloody Deeds, Whenever A Savage Thirst For Vengeance
Should Incite Them To Action, And The Prospect Of Achieving Them With
Impunity, Be Open Before Them. In The Then Situation Of Our Country,
This Prospect Was Soon Presented To Them.

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