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Chronicles Of Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1

User: silviya
Chronicles Of  Border Warfare (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1
It Is Highly Probable That The Continent Of America Was Known To The
Ancient Carthaginians, And That It Was The Great Island Atalantis, Of
Which Mention Is Made By Plato, Who Represents It As Larger Than Asia
And Africa. The Carthaginians Were A Maritime People, And It Is Known
That They Extended Their Discoveries Beyond The Narrow Sphere Which
Had Hitherto Limited The Enterprise Of The Mariner. And Although Plato
Represents Atalantis As Having Been Swallowed By An Earthquake, And
All Knowledge Of The New Continent, If Any Such Ever Existed, Was
Entirely Lost, Still It Is By No Means Improbable, That It Had Been
Visited By Some Of The Inhabitants Of The Old World, Prior To Its
Discovery By Columbus In 1492. The Manner Of This Discovery Is Well
Known, As Is Also The Fact That Americo Vespucci, A Florentine, Under
The Authority Of Emmanuel King Of Portugal, In Sailing As Far As
Brazil Discovered The Main Land And Gave Name To America.

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