A Treatise of Witchcraft

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A Treatise of Witchcraft
Wherein sundry Propositions are laid
downe, plainely discouering the wickednesse of that
damnable Art, with diuerse other speciall points
annexed, not impertinent to the same, such as ought
diligently of euery Christian to be considered.

_With a true Narration of the Witch-crafts_
which _Mary Smith_, wife of _Henry Smith_ Glouer,
did practise: Of her contract vocally made between the
Deuill and her, in solemne termes, by whose meanes she hurt
sundry persons whom she enuied: Which is confirmed
by her owne confession, and also from the publique Records
of the Examination of diuerse vpon their oathes: And
_lastly, of her death and execution, for the same;_
_which was on the twelfth day of Ianuarie_
_last past_.

By ALEXANDER ROBERTS B.D. and Preacher of Gods
Word at _Kings-Linne_ in _Norffolke_.

EXOD. 22. 18.
_Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to liue._

Impium est a nos illis esse Remissos, quos c[oe]lestis Pietas,
Non Patitur impunitos: Alarus Rex apud Cassiodorum.

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