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Lily Claw

The Adventures of the Demon Girl Von:
User: Lila
Lily Claw

Life for Lily is hard. Especially since she is the devil's daughter. It gets even harder when she starts to go to England School for Young Lads and Ladies. She is only in her first week of school when she is discovered by the Principal, the Security Guard, and here English teacher. After being taken captive, she is taken to a place called the Cage, tortured, and must find a way to escape. While in the Cage she meets a hybrid named Mimi, a ghost named Joshua, and another demon named Kathleene. Will she be able to find a way for her and her new friends to escape? Or will they be trapped in the Cage forever?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Children of the Dark"
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Lily Claw
The Adventures of the Demon Girl
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