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welcome to my life nuff' said

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y da f**k should ur father b pissed off tht ur gay?! dont ever b ashamed! ur dad is a dick! sorry, i dont think youll care i said tht though.

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forever alone

you may i love you
but forever im shown to this darkpath
cring forever as my mom screams as i lie on my bed forever in pain why this cant be my life again i am forever alone
scream in pain it no use he done it now
as i lye on the ground think im forever alone in the pain and sorrow
so goodbye the world i know
i wait for dead to arrive at my door but it never does
why cant this over already i scream
as blood puddle around... mehr anzeigen

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If you were my son, I wouldn't let you be putting your face and age on any website before the age of 18. That is just too dangerous for anyone on this planet now, son.

My child went missing and my child was gay--and the minute the police heard the word gay it was assumed my child was involved with risky behavior such as what you did by putting your face, age and sexual preference on the internet.
And unbeknownst to me--my... mehr anzeigen

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f ur dad he's a f'n jerk im an 11 yr old girl and im straight but even i know that ur dads an f'n loon 4 treatin u like that so i say again F HIM!!!

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