The Rainbow Poet

The Idiosyncratic Life and other Poems Von:
User: albereez
The Rainbow Poet
A collection of imaginative and creative works of poetry by Albereez

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I liked your book very much. You tackled many abstract issues like : silence, eye illusions, good and evil, angel and devil...I can feel a smart poet behind these words. Your approach is somewhat philosophical, you are a deep person who has a deep perception of the things around him. This enriches your writing. Good job. Voted.

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Beautifully displayed and layed out as well. I will have to call my daughter, she loves llamas and would get a kick out of your cover. God Bless and good luck.

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Your writing has truly touched me. Scenes are so descriptive I can imagine them vividly in my head. I hope you go far with this book. Good luck! :)

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This is a great poetry book about nature

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