Wedded To The Land

A Tale from West Cork Von:
User: wildgoose
Wedded To The Land
"Nuala had recently left Dermot for Tomas Crowley, a local Pharmacist and fellow horse enthusiast, and now the "D" word was being spoken.
Father and son continued to look out over the fields below, His father turned to him.
“There’s only one way out of this,” he said. “I must pass over the land to you now Ciaran, not in twenty years time but now, so it will be kept intact.”
“Surely mother would not want the land?" asked Ciaran incredulously.
“She would, and if she hasn’t thought of it her divorce lawyer will.
Think of it. Half would be her share. Oh the lovely land, and the value
of the tower, split and divided.” His father’s eyes were moist.
Ciaran looked out once more at the fields. What did he feel?

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love, marriage, divorce, Ireland, the land
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