The Last Wolf in Scotland

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The Last Wolf in Scotland

"near the ancient Scots Pine, a remnant of the great Mirkwood, that dense Caledonian Forest that once strode these lands, he passed the wolf stone, a large irregular granite boulder where the inscription told of the death of the last wolf in Scotland. Here under the description of the kill was a more modern inscription in Gaelic with the translation below.
"Though you may take my life, the spirit of my she-wolf still runs on the land of the Mackenzie."

"and there she stood, striking as ever in white lace.
As she walked before him into the library, he unknowingly followed a scent trail of Eau De Forêt. Her housecoat clung to her, revealing her shapely figure, her hair lay loosely on her shoulders. As she turned to let him past into the library he brushed against her, sensing the heat from her body"

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