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The Carers

User: wildgoose
The Carers
Nunia talked this over with her father. He said that this was the most difficult test, to love where nothing is given back, when the subject makes themselves unlovable, rejecting even.

"But should you expect something back?" said Nunia.

"That's the usual system," he said, "reciprocation, a dance, a two-way relationship, we expect it. But," he said, "inside each person are two wells; one contains water to care for others, the other contains water to care for oneself. In each well the water level can vary. Some only have water in their own well; others have water filled to the brim in both.
Some situations and some people can empty both your wells and leave you a husk."

"You mean," said Nunia, "when you’ve got some old cranky person that's so critical, so demanding and clinging, you get switched off?"

"Even the most caring person needs to keep water in their own well," said her father looking at his daughter.

She was learning her limits.

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