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Love In a Cold Climate

an island story Von:
User: wildgoose
Love In a Cold Climate
"She walked back across the grass to the little stone cottage. Erland was still asleep in his basket on the kitchen table his face calm and serene. She opened the door of the Raeburn and poked the coals. Then she pulled the big kettle on the top to the centre of the hob to bring the already warm water to the boil.
Just time for a cup of tea and a moment to herself before the baby awoke.
The Raeburn filled the kitchen with warmth, the flagstones round about had heated up and she could warm her stockinged feet. This was the cat’s favourite spot and it too lay curled up against the stove.
She looked at the calendar.12th of February 1968. Only a year married, two days til the 14 th, Valentine’s Day.
She wasn’t expecting anything from Jim. He wasn’t the romantic type and anyway he was at sea"

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love, separation, valentines day
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