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"That night there was talk in the Dun, of strangers.
A traveler had brought word of the great metal army, like a snake, wending its way north. It was nearing the Dee.
"Rhodri’s spies say they are headed for Ynnys Mon.”
“Who are they dada?” Daffydd said.
“Romans,” replied his father. “They control Brittany and much besides. Now they have invaded Britain.”
“What will we do?" said Daffydd .
“The war sign is out, the tribes are assembling. This will be a bloody battle. Daffydd I don’t want you mixed up in this. You are to go to Ynnys Mon tomorrow. Nothing should interrupt your training.”
"But father,” protested Daffydd.
“You chose your path, swore the oath, 'tis with the Druids you must make your stand, to protect The Knowledge. Celynn, your master will go with you.”

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