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A Christmas Tale

The Charity Turkey Von:
User: wildgoose
A Christmas Tale

"Well she’d do her best. She started to think of what she could do to make it something for the kids.
Just then a small red three wheeler pulled up outside her gate. A man and woman in uniform got out. The bloody cops - what next, what has he done now?
They came up the path like no police she knew, beaming from ear to ear.
Then she twigged, Sally Ann, hoping for a donation no doubt. Well, they could think again.
She stubbed out her fag as they drew level. “Mrs Denman? said the woman. "Yes," said Karen. "We’ve heard about your misfortune, we'd like you to accept this." The man held out a large box. “We get donations from people,anonymously,at this time of the year and we like to distribute them where they're needed."
Seeing the worried look on Karen's face he continued, “It's a turkey,a big one."

Christmas, turkey, personal loss, renewal, love
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BR Sunkara

Very nice story. Well written. Very appealing. I like it. A bottle of whisky stuffed inside that turkey brought a change so much!!! Karen, Sheena, Harry nicely depicted characters. congrats for nice story.

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dear chris ,thanks for feedback

yes a battle with the typos, and the different conventions in the us and uk over punctuation. sometimes problems arise if it is a story I wrote a while ago and is legacy data transferred from an older computer when upgrading.
merry christmas, wildgoose

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I have read your story again, Alistair & loved it as much this time as the first time I read it.

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dear sereni, thanks for feedback.

"xmas" was deliberately used to help
create the feelings of impoverishment
as xmas, I also think ,is an impoverished word.

yep also at this level not all are master chefs, some people just stick things in the oven and yes,would you believe, this is based on a true story!! Kind regards,and merry christmas wildgoose

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There are a few minor typos, but nothing that spoils the flow of the story. Thanks for sharing.

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A Christmas Tale

I enjoyed reading your story very much, John. It tells of the true meaning of Christmas; the giving spirit so that all may celebrate and enjoy the holiday. Even when things take a turn for the worse there is still hope.

Page6: There were a few problems for me when I came across words that I had to stop and look up, such as “twigged” (which I found means understand, or perceive). I think if you were strictly... mehr anzeigen

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First, thanks to "Sereni" for turning me on to this story.

Second, I am so excited to read work written in the British makes me feel homesick for the North of England, where I was born.

Charming story with a "voice" I can definitely relate to. I shall take a break from reading the flash fiction entries, and just start reading yours. Welcome to Bookrix.

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