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Closer Than Breathing

A Light Gay Odyssey Von:
User: keslian
Closer Than Breathing
“Closer Than Breathing” is a full length novel which, among the characters, includes gay men and lesbians leading busy lives. It tells the story of Ben, a young gay man new to the metropolis, who is confronted by a series of odd, eccentric people, including drug dealers, goths, psychics, a veteran author, Loyd Larcher and ageing rock musicians Rick Schwagger and Heath Prityards. He survives the dangers of the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll, engaging all comers with goodwill and good humour.

Making use of opportunities along the way to achieve success, he ghost writes a rock star’s autobiography, and finds true love with a level headed and down to earth boyfriend. Together they deal with life’s distractions, enticements and challenges. Whilst the ‘straight’ world around them becomes ever more weird and out of control, the couple are determined to be true to themselves and each other.

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I liked this very much.
moving, honest work

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Thanks, Peggles. I appreciate your encouraging words.


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Ended funny but loved the book

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Glad you liked the book. Thanks for taking letting me know. All the best, Alan

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I have spent almost all morning reading your book...but simply have to leave to go to work now. Will come back to it later. As the mother of a gay son, I was interested to see what kind of work you would put out. You are a marvelous writer and I am not surprised you have been published. Looking forward to reading the rest of your story later. Valerie

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