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A Book For All Readers (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1

User: disha
A Book For All Readers (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1
When We Survey The Really Illimitable Field Of Human Knowledge, The Vast
Accumulation Of Works Already Printed, And The Ever-Increasing Flood Of
New Books Poured Out By The Modern Press, The First Feeling Which Is Apt
To Arise In The Mind Is One Of Dismay, If Not Of Despair. We Ask--Who Is
Sufficient For These Things? What Life Is Long Enough--What Intellect
Strong Enough, To Master Even A Tithe Of The Learning Which All These
Books Contain? But The Reflection Comes To Our Aid That, After All, The
Really Important Books Bear But A Small Proportion To The Mass.

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