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Inner Demons

Inner Demons
Constance did something bad, so she's moving to a place called Hollow Falls to get away from it. But soon, it catches up with her and consumes her soul. Will she survive?

Love, memories, confusion, horror, hate
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Pearl River, NY

I have noticed this pattern and did not realize that it had been confirmed by
research. As a parent of 2 teenagers, I have noticed this. For Indian
grandparents, who expect to be very involved in their son's and
grandchildren's lives, this pattern causes chaos in the son's marriage. The
American daughter-in-law feels like a saint for 'letting' her children see the
in-laws at all; while the Indian grandparents... mehr anzeigen

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New Haven, CT

like the TV networks before them, the social media businesses sell their users
for money, sliced and diced into an endless choice of psychographic, economic,
and demographic flavors.

do YOU want to be their product?


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I am planning on adding on to it, but I do have a tendency to miss what I'm supposed to remember, so whoever reads it can you mention it if I miss something important or swivel away from what I'm talking about. Thank you :)

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