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The Baronet'S Bride

User: paul
The Baronet'S Bride
A romance that truly takes you away from the everyday world and into the realm of gypsies, horoscopes, family feuds and a mysterious murder. Add long-hidden secrets, proud ladies and arrogant baronets and you have a tale of romantic betrayals and vengeance sought across the generationsAlso published under the title "The Heir of Kingsland Court."
What a romp! It's absolutely without redeeming social value, and the sort of thing that makes you understand why pious prudes used to denounce the reading of all novels. But imagine the thrilled young girls poring over this in secret. Arrogant and impetuous baronets, haughty ladies, gypsies declaring vengeance unto the third generation, a horrifying horoscope, a dying father with a degrading secret, a deathbed betrothal, family feuds, mysterious murder ... a frothy confection of brain-rotting mind candy. Irresistible..

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