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A Jacob Black Love Story

User: bluzytink
A Jacob Black Love Story
A new girl in town pulls at our favorite wolf's heartstrings. but will he be able to handle whatt her world throws at him?

Jacob Black, Twilight
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Jahlia Taylor

Reading a good story like this one, I suggest you join NovelStar’s writing competition this April.

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Omg!!!!!!!!!I SOOOO Love This Book!!!!It's So Great And I Hope You Make Other Stories Like This.It Was So Great That I Actually Cried!!!!Please Make More Books!You Did A Terrific Job!!!!

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is that the really way ur going to finished this book because i think you should keep writting on this book and make the ending much more exiting please think about it!!!!!

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Sorry, but that was one of the wordt books I've ever written. I mean, I understand taking the idea of Jacob Black but the Nadie person added a terrible plot to the story.

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Gelöschter User

this great but u need detail like writing more descriptively

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