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History Of Dogma, Volume 2 (Of 7) (Fiscle Part 13)

User: silviya
History Of Dogma, Volume 2 (Of 7) (Fiscle Part 13)
The Second Century Of The Existence Of Gentile-Christian Communities Was
Characterised By The Victorious Conflict With Gnosticism And The
Marcionite Church, By The Gradual Development Of An Ecclesiastical
Doctrine, And By The Decay Of The Early Christian Enthusiasm. The
General Result Was The Establishment Of A Great Ecclesiastical
Association, Which, Forming At One And The Same Time A Political
Commonwealth, School And Union For Worship, Was Based On The Firm
Foundation Of An "Apostolic" Law Of Faith, A Collection Of "Apostolic"
Writings, And Finally, An "Apostolic" Organisation. This Institution Was
_The Catholic Church_.[1] In Opposition To Gnosticism And Marcionitism,
The Main Articles Forming The Estate And Possession Of Orthodox
Christianity Were Raised To The Rank Of Apostolic Regulations And Laws,
And Thereby Placed Beyond All Discussion And Assault.

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