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The Christian Satanic Declaration

The Christian Satanic Declaration
The Devil hasn't been known for very long but recently is lurking about. God has left us and the Devil is waiting for his place. In time the fury of hell will come down and magic will reign forth as the only power. I invite you to read what is writen about it. Christian Satanism is brought unto you that magic be brought back into the world through deception. Satanic magic, black in its entirety, is hidden within. True working curses and behavioral spells are within. All are fallen and none will never be the same when the Devil is made known in the Christian Satanic name. This is a dark book of spells whose time is overdue. It is a mimic that blasphemes. It's writen in a pretence. It's fake. It has no good in it and it's evil. That it why it is the most brilliant and powerful occult book to date. It has everything: Not just white but black and grey. You decide what will be made of it! Whether it be purely good or evil this book offers the power of choice. Small font and packed with content.

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