Oh Andrew

Oh Andrew
Andrew doesn't remember who he is, why he is where he is, and what led him to The Man. follow Andrew through the horror of what is now his life and how he gets out of it, along with regaining some of his memory back.

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I would like to invite you to write on the platform I work with.
If you are interested, you can reach me on insta: ods.apa or message me at leonandre880 (at) g m a i l (dot) com

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St Paul, MN

Ross, you miss the simple facts that:
Trump receoved about $2 BILLION in free airtime
Hillaru receved about $0.7 Billion ($700 million) in free airtime
Bernie received about $0.35 Billion ($350 million in free air time

We need the ""fairness doctrine"" to be reinstated.

Equal time for each candiaite.

An we also need to KILL Citizens United, which is what allowed the Mercers to
dump many millions of dollars into... mehr anzeigen

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