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A Leap In The Dark

User: silviya
A Leap In The Dark

Irish Unionists Have Pressed For A Republication Of _A Leap In The
Dark_. They Hold That It Will Be Of Some Service In Their Resistance To
The Coalition Of Home Rulers, Socialists, And Separatists Formed To
Force Upon The People Of England And Of Scotland A Virtual Dissolution
Of The Union Between Great Britain And Ireland. It Would In any Case
Have Been A Pleasure To Afford Aid, However Small, To The Irish
Unionists, Whether Protestants Or Catholics, Engaged In The Defence At
Once Of Their Own Birthright And Of The Political Unity Of The United
Kingdom. Yet For A Moment I Doubted Whether The Republication Of A
Forgotten Criticism Of A Forgotten Bill Would Be Of Essential Service To
My Friends. On Reflection, However, I Have Come To See That, Though The
Unionists Of Ireland Probably Overrate The Practical Value Of My Book,
Yet Their Hope Of Its Serving The Cause Whereof They Are The Most
Valiant Defenders Is Based On Sound Reasons

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