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The Life Of Nelson, Volume 2 ( Of 2)

User: silviya
The Life Of Nelson,  Volume 2 ( Of 2)
Nelson Temporarily Commander-In-Chief In The Mediterranean.--Relieved
By Lord Keith.--Applies To Return To England On Account Of Ill Health.

August, 1799--June, 1800.

Nelson Left In Temporary Command
His Disposition Of The Squadron
Made Duke Of Bronté In Sicily
His Hopes Of Remaining In Command Disappointed
His Discontent
Energy And Tact In Exercising Command
Affairs In Rome And Naples
Nelson Visits Minorca
His Anxiety About Malta
Portuguese Squadron Recalled To Lisbon.--Nelson's Action
Characteristics Of His Intercourse With Foreign Officials
Urgency With Army To Support Blockade Of La Valetta
Partial Success In This
Successes On The Continent Of The Coalition Against France
Subsequent Blunders And Disasters
Nelson's Mortification At Bonaparte's Escape To France
The French Defeat The Turks At Aboukir
Nelson Peremptorily Forbids Sidney Smith To Allow Any French
To Leave Egypt
Smith Nevertheless Countenances The Convention Of El Arish
His Action Disallowed By Keith And Nelson
Nelson's Vivid Expressions Of Disapproval
Nelson Joins Keith At Leghorn
They Visit Palermo And Malta Together
Capture Of "Le Généreux," 74, By Nelson's Division
Nelson's Relations With Keith, And Bearing Towards Him
Keith Orders Nelson To Take Personal Charge Off Malta
Nelson's Annoyance And Remonstrance

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