Running From the Past

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Running From the Past
Abigail didn't grow up like a regular teenager. She never went to high school, never learned to drive from her parents and never even had a boyfriend for longer than a month.

Abby, was kidnapped on her eleventh birthday, forced from her parents mutilated bodies and entered Crispin's world, his own demented little play place. She was his pet, his toy, whatever he desired until she escaped.

Now she's older and she's still running, from Crispin, her only family and her past. But who she meets next will change her future forever. Finally she'll be able to be free.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Alpha Wolf Series"
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Running From the Past
Paranormal, Mate, Love, Rape, Sex, Family, Violence
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I so can't wait for the upcoming book

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Lovely story..I love the way the story took place. The pace of the story was perfect but I feel like it moved too kick at the end..

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I loved your book! once i started it i just couldn't stop lol. and i can't wait to read the next book. I hope you keep writing and ill be keeping an eye out for anymore you write!

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This is the best book i have read up till now on bookrix... i would hate to see Lucien and Gail die in the second book but i am still looking forward to reading it... good luck!!

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Yes...Bookrix deleted all the actual text so I had to reload it.


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Wait wait wait....Isn't there another book exactly the same? Pretty sure...:/

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