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Insiders Voice

Insiders Voice April 2012 Von:
Insiders Voice
This is my second Insiders, I've had problems this month due to things changeing in my life, saying goodbye mostly, and I'm sorry this is late. this month is on special memories and things that remind you of them. Its not my best work and I'm truely sorry its not so wonderful but I'm trying. I already have next months topic and I promise its better than this month. Bare with me, I am trying. Please particapate in the questions. And a special thanks to the only person who commented on my last issue. It means alot to know someone out there is reading this, I'd love to hear from everybody else. Last months comment is included (unedited) at the end.

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Thank you so much guys, you have no idea what your are doing for me. I really cant find the words to say exactly what it is but knowing that someone out there is reading makes my life a lot better and makes me want to write even more. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
love, A

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I love this concept, and would love you to join us in the YoungWriters group. I am truly delighted that Robynn sent me a link to your book.

We do not allow book promotions, but we do encourage 'Book Swaps' with other members. This enables everyone to gain more reads & constructive feedback.

You can post your first page for a critique, re. editing tips.

Also you could start a new thread, chatting to our members re. your ideas.

YW,... mehr anzeigen

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Review - Again, you have done a wonderful job in showing us the sorrow in the passage of time. Yet, the gift that is left behind, precious memories, eases that pain.

In answer to one of your questions: Yes, I have kept one childhood toy because it taught me a lesson and holds a whole Christmas memory. I wrote a short story on it, The Gift Lesson.

We are not alone, because we are all the same. Nice job. Robynn

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