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22 && Searching

Lessons from life about finding myself Von:
User: A.M.
22 && Searching

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Fighting inner demons while trying to find happiness in the world is hard to do with baggage and stress.

No one is perfect. 

I'm certainly not.


[Unfinished, will be updated weekly until finished]

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As a liberal, I often shake my head at how clueless the left can be.

The NRA effectively runs the G.O.P. It has roughly 5 million members, most of
whom do not bother to vote in any of the organizations affairs.

Why dont about 20 million liberals join the NRA today and just take over at
the next NRA group election that decides board members?


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You capture a mood of a life spent in searching for meaning well. If truth it is sad and if make believe it is brilliant. An unusual piece done unusually well. Thank you for sharing.

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