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A tale of Jacob Black

A broken friendship Von:
A tale of Jacob Black
Things wont be the same when Bella and Jake have an argument-will they become friends or stay mortal enemies forever????????? Read more to find out.....

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hi everyone i am jacob.vs.edward just on another account ... i was off for a while and i got 400+ messsages and i cunt delet em all so i made a new one ... thanks xx

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i know sorry i havnt had the time to sort it out but i promise i will as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!

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tooooooooooooooo short wat it was just lk 2 pgs long i mean keep writin how bout edward n her idk get in a fight or maybe she cheats on him w/ jake or jake kidnapps her or sumthin

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OK, 1 thing. I am team Jacob all the way,I love Twifan books, But this kinda sucked.

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