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The Moment

Once you think your life is hard-this happens Von:
User: A.Harlow
The Moment
Just when that big girl aged 14
thought her life was hard
Callie and her family notice something outside
something strange
but what will happen to every one?

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Gelöschter User

ME LIKE BOOK!! a very interesting idea and would make an amazing plot for a book.
please write more :)

3 Kommentare

Thanks, Yeah i think i will write more,I need idea's, can you tell me what kind of thing i should write next?

Gelöschter User

well i would like to hear more about the dad being taken hostage and the mum never coming back :) also because it's a flash back cause at the start it goes ' i remember when i was 14...' you could then like a bit about her life now and make it some sort of sifi story or something like that :D


Yeah, i think that could happen, but i am more interested on you liking the book :)

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