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Author's Commentary on the Undeniable Labyrinth Chapters 1 to 4

Author's Commentary on the Undeniable Labyrinth Chapters 1 to 4
A Commentary by the author on Chapters 1 to 4 on the Science Fiction Novel The Undeniable Labyrinth.....

The full novel was completed in 2011 and can be read in it's entirety online at The Ebook can also be purchased at various booksellers including,, and

About the series.....

Two centuries after the sudden galaxy wide collapse, Althea Ram seeks to understand the forces which caused it. This is complicated by the nature of the invaders who control the most advanced technologies and the fact that the small pocket of societies that still survive view her actions as the highest possible crimes - and a threat to their very existence......

The Promethead a post-apocalyptic space opera series - combines elements familiar to science fiction fans including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, interstellar politics, genetics, cybernetics and psionics woven into one complete narrative epic......

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Promethead Commentaries"
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