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Cuckold Capers

Four erotic tales Von:
Cuckold Capers

      As the weeks turned into months with Mary still busy in Mexico, Becky was more of a wife to me than Mary was. When Mary called on Friday evenings she seemed to be preoccupied with other things. She was transferring $2000 a week into our checking account so Becky and I had plenty of money to play with. Life was sweet indeed.


     After three months of wild partying and sex filled nights my fling with Becky came to a sudden stop. When I entered my apartment after getting off work, I was shocked to see a tall black man sitting at my table with Becky. I asked him, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my apartment?” He stood up and said, “I am Jamal and Becky is my woman.” He towered over me and was very intimidating. He told me, “Normally I would kill a wimp like you for messing with my woman but Becky told me that you supported her while I was in jail and were a fun toy to play with. You also resemble the white boy who was my bitch in jail. I have my reputation to uphold and cannot just ignore you using my woman, so I have come up with three choices for you to pick from. First choice is for me to kill you, the second would be for me to castrate you, third choice is for you to beg me sweetly to fuck you and make you my bitch. It makes little difference to me which choice you make.”


     Jamal was very serious and I was terrified of him and what he might do to me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folding straight razor which he flipped open. He said, “A quick slash of your corroted arteries and it will be over quickly for you.   Or the castration will be more painful and permanent. As My bitch you will serve me totally until I decide you are no longer wanted. You have to 3 minutes to decide. Becky turned over the egg timer and I stared at the hourglass as the sand drained from top to bottom.


     My life, my balls or my manly pride one had to be lost. I decided to live...

threesome, cuckoldrey, group sex
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