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My Journey

Life is full of adventures
Not all make us happy
It is the journey
That presents itself
To wether we conquer
Or fail the task
I have my doubts
It is my faith
That keeps me strong
Knowing I am not alone
That no matter the circumstances
I will survive

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Once again the heat begins
Triple digits soon to be the norm
While Mr. Arthritus loves the heat
My skin burns so easily
Turning red and blisters
It is the moonlite nights
That capture my attention
It is with that knowledge
That I will endure
Yet another summer
Knowing cooler temps will prevail again
Life is good!!!

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Life is a roller coaster
Of highs and lows
A balancing act
With the mind grasping
To maintain each day
Turmoil seeps at every corner
Doubt clouding my judgement
It is my faith
That helps,with my daily struggles
To beware of the evil
That is always ready
To devoure my soul...

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Please don't comment on it.

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And thank you


Ok. Welcome.

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To experience it's wonder
The joy of feeling so cherished
To know you mean the world
For the one who loves you
Is it a dream?
Will reality burst my bubble...
Yet I refuse to give in
To the fears that burden my mind
The past does not control my futue
Love is the bond
That cements us together forever, my one and only Valentine!

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To All Authors

It is quite maddening
When I find a book
To invest my time
To read and enjoy
Yet the author
For whatever reasons
Chooses not to update or complete
I too have a choice
To not partake
Or voice my opinion
There are far too many authors
To waste my time
On those who do not respond
To the pleadings
Of those who want to read more
I will read those who care
About those of us
Who bless our praises
To the deserving ones
Who give their labors
To full fruition.

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Summer is gone

Another summer has come and gone
Behind us now
We are thrilled for fall weather
As the summer of triple digits and humidity
Was indeed hard to bear
Rain was at times plentiful
Always interfering with outings in our hotrod
Nothing beats having the wind blow
Thru my long locks
As we speed down the 303 to another adventure
My youth is still within
Encouraging me to never stop
Putting the moon pedal to the floor
Gives me a... mehr anzeigen

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Why is it that my mind won't stop
In the middle of the night
I should be sleeping
But no...the brain is activated
Thoughts swirling demanding attention
I want to forget
The pains of past and present
No relief for me
Not even in my sleep

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sleep to dream ... dream to sleep the sole is always awake.


So true


love the poem and so true


Thank you

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