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Darren Hobson

in one year of activity as a poet, I am slowly rising up the ranks here on BX, got myself into the top 300 writers, and one of my ebooks of poetry is in the top 30 of poetry books.
must try harder!

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Darren Hobson

thank you


That's really great! Excellent work! I'm enjoying writing poetry. Thanks for sending me a friend request. As a rule: poets and writers can be a reclusive lot, indeed!

georgina brandt

Congratulations!! I am also a poet, have 2 books here published one with my poetry and short stories, and another on my book reviews.
thank you for message

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Darren Hobson

Morning world, I have redesigned most of my ebook covers, so they mainly all have the same design, hope you like them!

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I tend to design my covers to reflect the book's topic. Thanks for your insight.Add a comment...

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