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Coco B
Coco B
Coco B ist offline.


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Hey are you still around? I haven't heard from you in a loooong time...

Since you liked Cascadian Storm so much, I thought I'd let you know that I wrote a short prequel to it. Come check it out if you like- it's on my page and it's called Gathering Storm. :)

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Coco B

Hi Mary! Sorry for the loooong blank!
I am on and off of BookRix because I have found a better site for books. Do you know about Wattpad? The website in itself is much easier of use, and allows more for the readers. So I have been kind of there instead of here...
BUT I still do... mehr anzeigen

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Hey I'm actually already on Wattpad, but just barely. I set up my profile there but I haven't spent much time on it and I don't have any books uploaded as of yet. I should change that! I'll give you a link to my profile, and maybe I'll put a few books up soon... :)
... mehr anzeigen

Mary Walz (MaryWalz) - Wattpad MaryWalz's Wattpad profile'
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I just put up one story. Not Cascadian Storm, that'll take a while to upload. But it's one of my favourite short stories that I've written...

Coco B

I just followed you there. I'm going to re-read Cascadian Storm, but I will probably go to the place you have edited. Would you remember where you editing has taken place? So I can read in more detail the change. I will still skim through the unchanged parts to keep my mind... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

I messaged you back on Wattpad since I figure you're on there more...

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Coco B

Tadam! First "book" is out, although no one in his right mind would really call that a book...

A big thanks to Laz for giving me the opportunity to take my pen/keyboard. It was really fun to write! And though it is written for the drabble contest, I fully know that it is not in the league with other writers, but it gave me the opportunity to try putting words down instead of just thinking of them. And that was quite a challenge :D

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