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Rate me

(1) Crazy
(2) I'd marry you.
(3) I'd date you.
(4) Sarcastic.
(5) I miss you.
(6) I'd kiss you.
(7) Beautiful.
(8) Smart.
(9) Imaginative.
(10) Random.
(11) Jerk.
(12) Funny.
(13) awesome.
(14) amazing.
(15) tough.
(16) cute.
(17 I'd hit you with a bus.
(18)I love you.
(19) Weirdo.
(20) Friends forever.
(21) Marry me?
(22) Your mine!
(23) I never want to lose you!
(24) I'd ask you out.
(25) I'd eat you up...
(26) I'd kidnap you...
(27)... mehr anzeigen

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Let's say20:14:12



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That girl you just called fat? She kicked your ass 2 minutes ago.
That girl you just called ugly? She her boyfriend loves her just the way she is
That boy you just tripped? He had a leg deficiency but still beat your ass with his cane.
That girl you told to kill herself? She put a curse on you and your future family.
That boy you told to kill himself? He a wizard and he burnt your cat with magic.
Remember the man with the ugly... mehr anzeigen

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♛ samzy ♛

Addo will face-palm when he sees it tomorrow tbh!O_o


umm he knows what we have been saying kk


lol.blah blah blah

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Got from cookie-log (Canucme01)
I'm allowed to dislike somebody who hurt me
I'm allowed to say what I want, laugh how I want , do what I want and be who I want
This is my life, and if you don't like it then there's something wrong with yours....not mine

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cookie log is sky

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I know a mad girl on br skyler Morgan..


she aint mad

Gelöschter User

Then what


just a person s

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Gelöschter User

Thank you for the fr. re.

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Gelöschter User

Heya Addo !! ^-^

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